When making initial contact with a Mistress, remember that first impressions are very important! Based on the impression you make, you will immediately go into one of two categories: “prospective” or “ignore”. Whether your initial contact is by email, text or phone, following these guidelines will help to keep you out of My “ignore” file.

1. My preferred method of initial contact is e-mail. I do allow phone calls and texts, but be mindful of the time of day. If I do not answer your call or respond quickly to your text, send an email. Do not blow up My phone!

2. Address Me as Mistress or Ma’am. This is but one way you will demonstrate the necessary attitude for Me to consider allowing you to serve Me.

3. Be direct and able to communicate your interests. Practice if You need to, but do not be vague.

4. Engage Me in intelligent, polite conversation rather than immediately asking for My rates.

5. Avoid opening with sleazy one-liners like “Hey Babe, what’s up?” or “How much ya charge?” NO,  NOPE, DON”T!

6. Do not send Me pics. I am not interested -, especially of your anatomy. Physical appearance is not important. That is NOT the way to impress Me.


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