Whether it be the Nanny, the Baby Sitter, the Auntie or the Girl Next Door, most all men have had fantasies involving everyday Women in their lives. Maybe you’ve been leaving messes around the house, peeking in the neighbor’s window or behaving disrespectfully. You should be chastised and punished for being such a naughty boy.

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Whether you need to be spanked, have your mouth washed out with soap, given corner time, made to confess your perverted little secrets or all of the above, I can channel any one of these personas and bring your fantasy to life. I can scold you harshly, laugh at you or apply a firm hand with a warm voice. The possibilities are endless.


Perhaps you are not seeking a role play scenario, but rather, actual discipline or motivation from an Ordinary Woman. You may prefer a domestic setting over a dungeon or institutional atmosphere. This can be arranged as well.

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