Hello, I am Mistress Cat, a Professional Dominatrix and Lifestyle Mistress in Houston, Texas and Welcome to My site.

Don’t let the name fool you.  I am no Kitty! I am an elegant encapsulation of leather and lace, sensualism and sadism, intelligence and class.  I command respect;  I am smart as a whip and I know how to use one.  I am a Mistress who embraces the beauty and authenticity of the counterculture of BDSM and the Total Power Exchange (TPE).

I am a captivating and sensual Goddess who will guide you on your journey into the exploration of BDSM in a discreet, trusting and safe environment.  I was seduced into the lifestyle seven  years ago.  I was mesmerized by all things “dungeonesque” and developed an intense desire to master the many sub-disciplines that make up all that is BDSM. IMG_2633
Experience what it is like to worship a true Goddess.  Only then will you know what it feels like to please a Mistress.  Disobey and get punished for it!! Look into My eyes as I stand above you.  You can explore your darkest desires.  I will make your fantasy a reality as you fall defenseless under My exquisite charms.

If you’re looking for the upper echelon and elite, then look no further.  Let go and leave your world behind as you submit to Mistress Cat.  Here, you no longer have to make decisions.  Simply do as you are told.​

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