Sadistic Sunday for voyeurs

For the past few months, I have been hosting an eclectic gathering at the dungeon that I like to call Sadistic Sunday. It starts at noon and ends around 5. My whip mentor, Flogger Steve attends and is always ready to teach a lesson or enjoy showing off his skills and mastery with his whip.... Continue Reading →

The Psychology of a Spanko



The Disciplined Bride

Last blog, I promised to tear a new one for an article that was published by ABC news last February, called, “Study: Spanking May Lead to Sexual Problems Later“. And I will. I want to debunk the whole myth about where Spankos come from and how they come to be.

It’s not an exact science. Actually, I would be really surprised if you got the same history of a Spanko twice. We all came to being in such different ways! So, sorry, if you’re reading this for what you should and should not do with your children that would keep them from becoming spankos, then you’re done with this blog entry. I was into spanking since I can remember, same with my husband. Others I’ve met started getting into it when they were in their teens, some as adults!

Some spankos were spanked as kids, some weren’t. In…

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

The end of January 2018 marks the beginning of many new projects at The Cat's Lair dungeon in Houston, Texas. A few new additions to The Lair have birthed and I am proud as a new parent can be. This past Sunday, catboy and screamer began the construction of a treacherous device taken right out... Continue Reading →

Ego and The Beast

Six years ago, I looked around and realized that things weren’t right. I was not living,  but dying. That I was stagnant.  I felt lost. I was sober but not growing or satisfied. Stale inside the status quo on every level imaginable. Dysfunction was everywhere and integrity was nowhere. I embarked on a journey of... Continue Reading →

Dominatrix By Design Part 8

I turned around and saw a man walking towards me. He had dark hair with a touch of salt and pepper beginning to show. He was shorter than me but not by much. I was immediately drawn to him. My heart began to beat faster and my knees felt weak. He came up and asked... Continue Reading →

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